Mirror Television Systems



Your Best Kept Secret? The Television.
OSA’s mirror technology is surprisingly magical. When on, Enhanced TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television completely disappears without a hint of its technical applications for a truly vanishing effect. You decide when a television is in the room with the simple push of a remote control button.

You don’t have to choose between beauty and technology. You have the freedom to incorporate the highest quality electronics with stylish design options to impress even the most discriminating tastes.


A Solution For Both Him & Her!
He wants the best in television technology, but she wants to preserve the integrity of a meticulously designed space. The solution: Séura’s Television Mirror.

Enhance your lifestyle with the convenience of superb television technology. Séura Television Mirrors are elite TVs cleverly built into a finely crafted mirror. It’s a television when you want it and a mirror when you don’t. Keep your world in view, and do it

all on your terms. From your most private spaces to environments designed for entertainment, Séura products charm guests and enhance your lifestyle.

Form Meets Function
Séura’s revolutionary television mirror products combine the simple functionality of a mirror with uniquely engineered television technology. Surprisingly practical, its properties indulge you in the most enchanting bath environment. There is no clutter or disruption, just an elegant mirror that fits each individual décor — disguising a high-end television available at the touch of a fingertip.
With these fashionable and functional showpieces, the bath becomes a flawless sanctuary — a haven of harmony.

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