Apple & Android Integration


iPad, iPhone, and Android Systems to Support Multiple Locations

OSA has several apps and programs designed to work seamlessly with your apple/android devices to control, not just the lighting in your home, but also your HVAC, security system, audio, video, and beyond.

custom-lighting-chicagoPreprogramming the Mood of Your Home

Imagine pulling up to  your home as the lights outside gradually light up to greet you with the perfect amount of light to accentuate your outdoor décor.  As you walk toward the house, the entryway is brightly lit for you.  You walk into a perfectly bright kitchen to cook dinner.  As dinner is being served, the dining room lights dim down low and set to the mood for relaxation.  With Savant systems, you can preprogram lighting scenes all around your home to respond to variable sunset times throughout the year as well as your personal taste and needs throughout the day.

iphone-light-control-chicagoNo Such Thing As ‘Away’ From Home

You’ve just been asked to stay late at work.  The kids will be getting home after dark.  No problem.  You grab your smart phone and tap on the lights for them.  You get a notification on your phone that the kids have arrived home.  You tap into your security system to check in on them and find them safe and sound on the family room couch.

safely-lit-homeImagine Coming Home to a Perfectly Lit House

When you arrive home in the evening, all you’ll need to do is press a single button to brighten entry points before you even step out of the car.

green-home-solutionsSave On Energy When You’re Away

With Intelligent control and smart energy solutions, you can easily check the status of your lights, shades and HVAC when you’re away from your home.  Having whole-home control when you’re out of town or out for the evening is an easy, hassle free way to save on energy.

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