Lighting Control


Your Lighting Plays A Major Role In Your Home’s Decor

When you buy your home, you spend thousands of dollars decorating, renovating, re-decorating, and re-designing the rooms in your home in order to reflect your personal style, mood, and everyday needs. What a lot of homeowners don’t realize is that your lighting plays a very major role in your home’s décor. Not only that, but honing in on the ability to control the light in a room can give your room multiple identities, and with the push of a button, can transform the room into a reflection of your personal needs in the very moment you are in.


Save Energy

Still using the standard on/off switch in your home? That means that whether it’s the middle of the day or nighttime, your fixtures are putting out the exact same amount of light and therefore the same amount of energy. In fact, light switches are one of the very few appliances that only have two settings—on and off.
With dimmers, you can control that wasted energy by managing how much light you need. With lighting automation systems, you can automatically turn off lights or exhaust fans with a timer, occupancy or vacancy sensor, and/or user defined light programs. Learn More About Dimming


Control the Sun

In addition to electrical lighting, there’s much to be said about creating the perfect balance of natural light in your home. Shading solutions can give you that perfect balance, and also prolong natural light to save on energy costs.

Learn More About Shading Solutions


Remote Control Your Lighting

Want a WOW factor? Dim the lights, close the shades, and start a movie, all with one device without ever leaving your seat. How about security? Come home feeling safe. Press a button and turn the inside & outside lights on before ever stepping out of your car. Learn More About Remotes & Keypads


Integrate With Your Life

With whole home integration solutions, you can seamlessly integrate technology in your home. Combine audio, video, security systems, HVAC, shading control, and lighting all on the same device.

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