The Ultimate Video Wall Tiling Solution

For public venue and control room video wall customers who want the thinnest profile LCD video wall and uninterrupted operation, ClarityTM Matrix LCD Video Wall System is the ultra-narrow bezel LCD video wall family that provides outstanding tiled visual performance, supports 24×7 operation and requires minimal installation space.

Unlike other LCD video walls, Clarity Matrix combines an ultra-thin profile and unique tiling optimization features in an integrated, mission-critical system design. The Clarity Matrix family utilizes cutting-edge ultra-narrow bezel LCD’s with pixel-to-pixel gaps as small as 5.7mm between images on adjacent panels in the video wall.

The Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System makes the most of LCD technology’s slim profile and vibrant visual performance while easing the difficulties in achieving perfect alignment, optimal cooling, simplified service and extended operation.

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Unique Architecture & Benefits By Design

The Clarity Matrix Video Wall System was architected and developed by video wall industry experts in a way that specifically addresses the challenges faced by all video wall installations: mounting and alignment, reliability and extended operation, service and maintenance access and simple, effective image processing and management. At the heart of the Clarity Matrix architecture is a distributed design that takes heat, complexity and unreliability out from behind the LCD panel and replaces it with a centrally located, easily accessible and highly reliable rack- mounted system.

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Precise Panel Alignment

Clarity Matrix LCD modules incorporate a single simple interface board designed to distribute off-board power, video and control signals to the LCD panel keeping depth, weight, heat and points of potential failure to an unprecedented minimum. The LCD blade-style module incorporates a bracket that is perfectly paired with the EasyAxis mount. The LCD module includes EasyAxis adjustment cams that facilitate precise 6-axis alignment ensuring uniform, minimized image-to-image gap. The lighter design of the Clarity Matrix LCD module means that handling, installation, alignment and service are all easier to accomplish.

  • ƒ6-axis easy adjustment cams ƒ Lighter weight
  • Fewer points of failure
  • Reduced heat load
  • Perfectly quiet

24X7 Operation & Simplified Maintenance

The unique Clarity Matrix architecture provides for 24×7 operation with optimized thermal design, high-MTBF components and redundant power supply option. Because of the streamlined design of the Clarity Matrix LCD modules, fewer repairs are required at the panel itself. When the panels do need to be accessed or removed, this can be accomplished without removing other panels in the wall. Starting at the top of the wall, panels can be pulled up and out into Service Mode, allowing the panel below to be accessed.

Also built into each Clarity Matrix LCD display are service and troubleshooting aids that minimize downtime in the event of a failure. Power, backlight and fan monitoring are all built into Clarity Matrix to provide failure notification. Clarity WallNetTM enables health and status monitoring over a customer network to proactively provide health status or send an email or text message to a service technician alerting them of a failure.