Village of South Holland Brings in OSA Integrated Solutions to Create an Extraordinary Sound Experience at Veterans Memorial Park

In May 2015, the Village of South Holland chose OSA Integrated Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., to design and install a comprehensive sound system throughout its Veterans Memorial Park. The Veterans Memorial Park is where the community gathers for several events held throughout each year — sporting, festivals, marathons and many more. Over the years, South Holland spent thousands of dollars to bring in rental audio systems and services for each event. The permanent installation significantly reduces costs as well as meets multiple needs.

Veterans Memorial Park is a multifunctional site with a stage, playground, baseball fields, Veterans Memorial Circle, and green open spaces. South Holland needed a system to accommodate the many facets of the park, such as providing audio for simultaneous baseball games, musical events and entertainment, parades, festivals and other activities.

OSA Integrated Solutions designed a custom system to support any given event and provide stellar sound quality throughout the park. The OSA team installed Soundweb BSS DSP sound processors and its engineers programmed the system with multiple zones of audio to accommodate the various areas. The system was chosen because of sound quality, versatility, and the simple to use interface. OSA engineers designed an easy and intuitive interface using Soundweb touch screen and iPad application to allow the village to control sound levels for individual zones, as well as reach the entire park, from a remote location.

OSA installed 14 JBL AWC129 all-weather coaxial audio speakers throughout the park. The JBL speakers have a 90 x 90 degree dispersion pattern with exceptional frequency response. OSA’s lead sound engineer tuned the speaker to ensure the sound would have tonal balance and vocal clarity.

The project was completed in June and has been used for many events over the summer, including the numerous 4th of July festivities. The Village of South Holland is happy and positive about the system, sound, and overall usability.

“We found the OSA team to be very knowledgeable, responsive to our needs, and patient,” said the Village of South Holland’s Director of Public Relations & Marketing Mary Ann Thorton. “We look forward to working with OSA again in the near future.”

Technology Installed at Veterans Memorial Park in the Village of South Holland:

  • Soundweb BSS Blu-100 Audio Processor
  • (4) QSC ISA800Ti Amplifiers
  • Denon DN-300Z CD/AM/FM System
  • Housed in Middle Atlantic Rack
  • (2) Shure SLX24/SM58 Wireless Mic Systems
  • Shure Lavalier Mics
  • (4) Shure UA8-518-578 Antennas
  • (14) JBL AWC129 All Weather CoAxial Speakers

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Sonic Outdoor Oasis Designed & Installed by OSA Integrated Solutions

When homeowners in the northern Chicago suburbs renovated their outdoor property, they turned to OSA Integrated Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., to design, configure and install a high-tech audio system throughout their stunning picturesque garden.

The homeowners recently expanded their property and designed an inspiring landscape for entertaining during the warmer months. Upon completion of the gardens, they wanted to upgrade the sound system, which originally consisted of a handful of faux rock speakers around the pool, to extend across the entire property.

As of June 2015, the expansive outdoor area is equipped with a fully automated, sophisticated audio system to create an extraordinary sound experience. OSA designed the configuration and installed the impressive, scalable Sonance SLS Landscape speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. The SLS system blends in, out-of-sight, positioned strategically under plants, flowers and foliage, and delivers an even, high-quality sound. OSA also installed a Ruckus ZoneFlex Dual-Band Wi-Fi Outdoor Access Point to easily access music, a Savant Matrix Switcher and Controller, SurgeX power protection and Middle Atlantic 38-Space Multi-Bay Rack.

The homeowners’ first experience with OSA was in June 2014. OSA was brought in to design and install a full-home automated audio and video system controlled by SAVANT utilizing iPads for control devices. When it was time to expand their outdoor media, they came back to OSA. Utilizing the Savant controllers again allows for a fully integrated system for both indoors and outdoors, allowing the owners to control all the audio and video systems on the property from their iPads.

Before engaging OSA, the homeowners had to contend with multiple types of remotes and control systems on the property. Upon completion of the outdoor pond addition, pool house and swimming pool renovations, the homeowners now have a simple to use system for the main house and outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Audio System Equipment:

  • (36) Sonance LS48SAT Outdoor Satellite Speakers
  • (2) Sonance LSV10 10″ In Ground Subwoofers
  • (5) Sonance LSV10SUB In-Ground Subwoofers
  • (7) Sonance DSP-2-750 Amplifiers
  • (1) Ruckus ZoneFlex Dual-Band Wi-Fi Outdoor Access Point
  • (1) Savant Matrix Switcher and Controller
  • (1) Middle Atlantic 38-Space Multi-Bay Rack

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