Home Automation

Home automation is the “brain” of your household.  Our custom automation systems integrate all elements of your home seamlessly into a program tailored to your lifestyle with just the touch of a button.

In The Home

A Day In The Life…


Illuminate Your Morning

As you’re waking for work the shades automatically open and the lights slowly rise to a pleasant glow to light your pathway to the bathroom.

The external lights of your home have already adjusted to the sunlight and have turned themselves off for the day, saving on energy costs.

As you and the family set out for the day, the home adjusts the heating/cooling level in order to save on energy.

Your security system is armed and ready.


Check On The Kids

At 3:00pm, while you are in a meeting, you receive an alert on your smartphone that the kids have arrived home safe and sound.  After you’ve fnished your meeting, you login to your security system from the phone to see them sitting at the table working on their homework.


Set The Mood For Dinner

After a long days work, you pull into your driveway, and with the touch of a button on your remote or smartphone, you can activate external lights to light your pathway to the door.

Time for dinner!  You press a button on your remote or wall panel to activate the “cooking” setting on your light control, and the kitchen is brightly lit.  From the same remote or control panel, you turn on your favorite music and adjust the volume to the perfect level for cooking.

As everyone gathers around the dinner table, you press a button to activate the “dinner” lights which dim down and create a warm comfortable glow for which to wind down and enjoy some family time.


Find A Great Movie

After dinner, you head to the family room and with your control panel or smart phone, simply press theater to draw the shades and dim the lights.  Without leaving your seat, you turn on the television and your state-of-the-art movie/television system to browse for the perfect movie for the evening.

The family relaxes and watches their favorite movie in high-def with theater quality surround sound and lighting.


Double Check Your Lights & Appliances From Bed

Once you are tucked away in bed, from your smartphone or tablet, you take one quick look at the lights & shades around the home to make sure all are closed and turned off as you arm the security system.

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