PROCISE® High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Processor

The PROCISE™ PSPHD high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor is uniquely designed for both commercial and residential applications. Experience unprecedented clarity and tone, previously heard only in commercial theaters, now in your home theater or boardroom.

Automatic room equalization and calibration tools optimize sound at every seat, so you always enjoy the best audio experience possible. The built-in 3-channel mixer combines multichannel audio and teleconferencing. The integrated HDMI switcher with HDCP support ensures compatibility with protected content, such as blu-ray.

  • 7.3HD Surround Sound Processor
  • Automatically calibrates the room so every seat is the best seat in the house
  • Great for high-end home theaters and corporate boardrooms
  • High-end design for any theater or boardroom
  • Seamless Crestron DigitalMedia pairing.


PROCISE® High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Amplifier

The companion PROAMP amplifiers offer tremendous power, control and performance for every speaker system. Three independent subwoofer outputs give you powerful distributed bass throughout the room.

The processor and amplifier automatically pair through a simple Ethernet connection, offering seamless control and monitoring through the PSPHD vintage-looking digital front panel. The connection streamlines remote control and monitoring through a Crestron® control system, which provides programmers with a unified device interface for all functions. So, whether you are movie junkie or delivering a presentation to the board of directors, you get world-class cinema quality sound.

  • A world-class, professional 7-channel surround sound power amplifier
  • The perfect companion to the PROCISE® PSPHD surround sound processor
  • Affords unprecedented integration with the PSPHD for seamless control and monitoring
  • Affords native Crestron system integration via Ethernet or Cresnet®
  • Ultra-efficient hybrid design puts immense output power in minimal space



Cinema Series Speakers

Ideal for dedicated home theaters, the Sonance Cinema Living series include 10″ and 12″ subwoofers, combined with front and surround sound speakers featuring dual or quad 5.25″ woofers, 4″ midrange and 1″ tweeters. You’ll have the power to impress.

And because they can be installed and mounted into the wall, you’ll acheive the sound of Hollywood in smaller rooms without big bulky cabinets cluttering and compromising the look of your new home theater.