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Enjoy the beauty of amphitheater sound . . .

Bringing high-fidelity audio to your home is now a brilliant way to enhance your lifestyle.

Welcome to Precis, the distributed audio solution from AMX that provides brilliant audio to every room in your home with style and convenience.

Realize the absolute beauty of sound as you walk from room to room in your home. You will truly enjoy the full spectrum of rich musical tones as if it were live. AMX audio solutions are specifically designed for the discerning audio connoisseur with a considerable number of audio sources. AMX uses a Digital Signal Processor with the flexibility to either simply adjust simple treble and bass or continue customization all the way through 10-Band equalization. Experience sound customized for the unique architectural attributes of every room in your home.

AMX offers a range of distributed audio solutions that accommodate multiple audio sources and room/zones. For those with an affinity for high-end, high-fidelity, brand name equipment, AMX integrates any CD, DVD, iPOD audio; AM, FM radio; XM, Sirius satellite radio equipment – in every room/zone of your home. Our distributed audio solutions offer you a reliable, flexible, expandable, sophisticated and intuitive way to listen to music in your home.
A wide selection of stylish keypads, remote controls, and touch panels can be integrated into each room/zone to provide centralized control. Customize any user interface with your favorite playlists, radio stations, and macro events for quick access to the music you want to hear.

Creston Systems

Sonnex MultiRoom

  • sonnex-multiroomAdvanced multiroom audio distribution for homes and offices
  • Robust, high-efficiency audiophile grade amplification built in
  • 140 Watts/Ch. @ 8 Ohms, 400 Watts/Ch. bridged
  • Provides eight amplified stereo zone outputs
  • Provides two additional SPDIF stereo zone outputs
  • Output Bussing—enables linked operation of multiple adjacent zones
  • Bridgeable outputs—Affords extra power for pools and other large areas
  • Sonnex Link—Provides one-wire, plug-and-play interface to eight SWAMPE expanders up to 200 feet away[1,2]
  • Includes 12 unbalanced, 4 balanced/unbalanced, and 8 SPDIF inputs
  • Supports direct audio connection of the Crestron Interface for iPod® and other “CH” CAT5 sources
  • User adjustable volume, bass, treble, loudness, and selectable “tone profiles”
  • Installer adjustable 5-band graphic or parametric EQ per zone
  • Dynamic Range Control—Maintains even listening levels in both quiet and loud ambient environments
  • Speaker Profiles—Allows easy upload of custom preset speaker settings
  • Sonnex Speaker Protect™—Affords extra headroom while preventing component damage
  • Individual zone power control and global standby
  • Streamlined setup and adjustment via front panel or Sonnex Tools software
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Seamless Crestron system integration
  • Heavy duty detachable terminal blocks ease speaker wire termination
  • Low power consumption, cool-running operation
  • Four-space 19″ rack-mountable
Savant Systems


Savant’s whole-house audio solutions can satisfy the discerning ear of any astute or casual listener.

Whether you are having a house party or quietly relaxing by the pool, create the ambiance you desire by playing independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings.

Your iPhone® or iPod touch® is now a dynamic source for immediate entertainment using smart home control.

Any iPhone or iPod touch becomes an active media player within your smart home’s whole house audio system. Simply connect your iPhone or a guest’s iPod touch to a Savant Media Dock, and the media content loaded on each device can be distributed to any room.

Music, movies and more – centrally stored and easily accessed.

A SmartSystem from Savant is well-equipped for AV control and management, boasting an integrated iTunes®-based digital media server that provides a familiar digital jukebox experience.

All of the family’s favorite music, movies, television shows, and more can be securely stored, quickly accessed, shared, displayed, and selectively distributed throughout the home. Up to four independent and simultaneous types of iTunes media can stream to any area in the home, effectively achieving whole-house audio video distribution.


Cloud friendly – Savant delivers iTunes-Match™ Compatibility.

Homeowners can now automatically sync music and playlists between their home computer, any compatible iOS device and their Savant system, making media storage ubiquitous and user-friendly to the highest degree.

Any song uploaded to your iTunes account from any registered device at home, your secondary residence or on the go, will automatically be added to your Savant multi-room audio/video library and will be available to play throughout your home.



Start with one music player or BRIDGE connected to your router, and then you can expand the system wirelessly everywhere.

  • Wirelessly manage all your music
  • Create playlists for anywhere in your home
  • Organize everything you listen to in one place
  • Individually control the volume in every room

All-In-One Speakers



The smaller, sexier, tuck in the corner and blow out the roof, all-in-one player.

  • Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations
  • Control wirelessly, easy to set up music player
  • Start with one music player, expand everywhere
  • Versatile enough to put anywhere — horizontal or vertical
  • 3 driver HiFi speaker system



The original, bigger room, bigger sound, all-in-one wireless music system.

  • Stream your entire music library, music services, and radio stations
  • Control wirelessly, easy to set up music system
  • 5 Driver HiFi Speaker System for room filling sound
  • Line-in to connect your favorite music sources.


playbarThe soundbar for music lovers

  • Complements HD television screens with richly textured HiFi sound.
  • Wirelessly streams all the music on earth.
  • Simple to set up, control and expand.
  • Requires just two cords: one power cord, one optical cord (both included).
  • Syncs with other Sonos speakers wirelessly.
  • Understands and speaks most IR remote’s language and can be controlled by free apps for your Android®, iPhone® or iPad®.
  • Plays all sources plugged in to your HDTV: cable/SAT boxes, Blu-Ray players, and video game consoles. If it’s connected to your HD, PLAYBAR will play it.

Wireless Components



Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design.

  • One-button setup.
  • Fills any room with deep, clear HiFi sound Wireless, one-button setup
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Sonos System
  • Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle
  • Place it anywhere in the room—even lying flat under a couch
  • Works with all Sonos amplified components: CONNECT:AMP; PLAY:5; PLAY:3.



Turn your speakers into a music streaming system with our high-powered amplifier

  • Stream all the music on earth to your speakers
  • Wireless, easy to set up music player
  • Play alone, or link to other Sonos music players in your home
  • Control everything from your smartphone or tablet



Turn your stereo or home theater into a music streaming system

  • Stream all the music on earth to your stereo
  • Wireless, easy to set up music player
  • Play alone, or link to other Sonos music players in your home
  • Control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet



  • Connect to a router to set up your Sonos wireless network
  • Sonos music players can go anywhere and work wirelessly
  • Perfect for homes with less accessible routers
  • Extend the range of your existing network
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