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    OSA Integrated Solutions Designs the Ultimate Audio Visual Experience 

    Integrated Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., delivers the ultimate audio visual experience to your business or home. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we apply a design and build approach to systems integration for permanent installations of audio, visual, automation, lighting, and staging systems in commercial buildings and residential homes.

    OSA Integrated Solutions Brings Brings Flexibility & Innovation

    From the ground up development of a new installation to renovating an existing system, we bring value to the design, integration and installation of multi-platform entertainment control systems. Whether it’s the simplest audio system or the most complex integrated package, we deliver the best solution to meet your expectations and budget.

    OSA Integrated Solutions, The Right People

    Our account associates, supported by system designers, programmers, and field engineers, provide a synergistic team approach to design and develop the right solution for your installation.

    OSA Integrated Solutions, The Right Technology

    Clients choose us because our extensive experience of working with state-of-the-art electronics in all aspects of our business gives us an industry edge. We bring the technology typically reserved for clients and venues in the entertainment industry to your installation, creating an experience to exceed your expectations.

    OSA Integrated Solutions, Real-World Experience

    Our highly-experienced and dedicated team works with high-end systems on a daily basis and has real-world experience in a variety of installations. We know the codes, the in’s and out’s of the ever-changing technology, and how to integrate it all.

    OSA Integrated Solutions, On-Going Support

    When you choose us, you choose a real partner from the onset of the project until well after the installation. We continue to provide post-installation service and support for your system and ensure you’re aware of available enhancements.

    OSA Integrated Solutions, Commercial & Residential

    OSA Integrated Solutions designs and installs permanent solution for a variety of venues.

    Comcast Executive Briefing Center - Smart GlassCorporate

    To ensure a meeting runs seamlessly from beginning to end, OSA can maximize your communication experience by automating and controlling HVAC, window treatments, lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, computers and internet access.

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuditoriums/House of Worship

    In larger auditoriums or theater-style presentation facilities, it is important to manage the challenges that come with large presentation venues. OSA can provide control and automate the acoustics and sound systems, microphones, cameras, lighting, and other equipment involved with a speaker’s presentation, projecting the speaker’s message to the audience, allowing audience interaction, and the climate of multiple areas or zones of an auditorium.


    Educational institutions are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom as a means for improving academic achievement.  Various digital technologies have been introduced over the years from projectors, high-definition televisions to computers and smart boards as well as video and web-conferencing via the Internet. Whether for a single auditorium, classroom or multi-location campus, OSA can effectively network all of your multimedia and facility operation equipment into a time-saving, cost-cutting solution. From kindergarten to graduate school, OSA has the perfect solution to meet your needs.

    THEWIT HOTEL THEWALL AT ROOFRestaurants & Nightclubs

    Create the ideal experience for customers with automated control of robotic cameras, retractable screens and entertainment displays.  Distributed audio or video, HVAC and lighting control to various areas of a restaurant or nightclub. At night or at various times throughout the day, control lighting presets or set up areas of a restaurant or nightclub like entertainment stages or karaoke areas, and AV entertainment.


    Enjoy a life without chaos, clutter, wires or missing remotes. OSA can put you back in control of all your home’s devices and systems with a single button. Take complete control of your home with OSA automation solutions.

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